Now more than ever in this new real estate market, you need effective tools and to master the right skills to be successful in this business. The average agent sells less than five homes a year and it’s known that 87 percent of real estate agents will fail within the first five years. In Next Level Listings I give you the information and tools you need to become a strong, successful listing agent.  Let’s increase your odds of surviving in this competitive Real Estate market.

Next Level Listings



  • Listing Appointment Video ($997 Value)
  • Customizable Guide ($197 Value)
  • Four(4) Downloadable PDFs ($97 Value)
  • Downloadable Step-By-Step Checklist ($47 Value)
  • Three(3) Downloadable Bonuses ($247 Value) 
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When you want to GO FASTER, LIST MORE HOMES, and SELL MORE REAL ESTATE, you’re either spending time or spending money looking for a process that will work for you. This minimal investment will give you all the tools you need to fast track your success by applying systems that actually work.

As a top 1% agent, I’ve made millions of dollars listing and selling real estate over the last 27 years. I’ve perfected my systems and am excited to share them with you. 

I’ve designed and built a happy life and a family-first, successful business that I completely love. Implementing systems over the years has given me more time and freedom in this competitive industry.  

To list more homes, see results faster, and sell more real estate, you need the right systems and tools. Next Level Listings gives you the tools to thrive in this complicated shifting real estate market. Becoming a strong listing agent will give you more control of your schedule, along with more freedom and stability in your real estate business.  

After 27 years as a top agent in Real Estate and a CEO with an amazing work/life balance, I know a better way.


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When you purchase the Next Level Listings digital course:

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My name is Laura Flood and I’m a licensed broker and Certified Mentor with eXp Realty. 

With over 27 years of experience in Real Estate, consistently within the TOP 1% of Realtors in the US, I’m so excited for the opportunity to share my knowledge, systems, and tools with other real estate professionals like you.  

I see many agents enter this competitive industry without the leadership or tools they need to succeed. I’ve spent years creating and refining my presentations and systems, allowing me to become a local expert in Real Estate. 

 I’m a wife and a mom of 2 active children, and I’ve designed and built a happy life and a family-first, successful business. If you're striving for more freedom and stability in your career, becoming a strong listing agent will help you create a business and a life that you love.

Laura Flood
Broker/CEO, Realtor®

Next Level Listings



Listing Appointment Video ($997 Value)

Customizable Guide ($197 Value)

Four(4) Downloadable PDFs ($97 Value)

Downloadable Step-By-Step Checklist ($47 Value)

Three(3) Downloadable Bonuses ($247 Value) 

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